Ceili Leahy Day of Service

What will legacy be?

The Ceili Leahy Service Initiative!

Volunteer and inspire others to do the same!

This year is Ceili’s golden birthday. She turns 24 on Oct. 24th.

Celebrate Ceili by getting involved in your community.

Get involved and serve safely!

The 2020 Fall Ceili Leahy Day of Service Project is happening virtually right now! While the original Day of Service was scheduled for October 17, we are continuing our fall project until Thanksgiving Day this year for James Monroe High School (JM) students who are willing and able to keep up the great work as virtual volunteers.

JM students are making cards and writing letters, and sending artwork and messages of cheer to Mary Washington hospice patients and residents of a senior living community. JM students are also pen pals with 5th grade students at Lafayette Upper Elementary School and with senior living residents at Spring Arbor of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Our generous sponsors are providing financial support for us to give stationary, stamps, and supplies to JM students to volunteer virtually and safely.

Day of Service

Each year we work with James Monroe High School to organize Day of Service events.  We inspire, recruit and send volunteers to local nonprofit organizations that share Ceili’s values and purpose.

Whom we serve

We serve nonprofit organizations whose missions are consistent with Ceili’s values and passions, which included human rights and justice, the environment, and global sustainability. We also serve nonprofit organizations that provide help to families dealing with pediatric cancer and grief.

If you know of a Fredericksburg nonprofit organization that could use volunteer support, let us know by sending an email to theCLServiceProject@gmail.com

Our sponsors

Local businesses sponsor the Day of Service events. Sponsorship allows us to purchase supplies for service projects, refreshments for volunteers, and “Ceili Leahy Day of Service” tee shirts for all our volunteers— a visible reminder of Ceili’s passion for volunteerism and our commitment to community service. Because the Day of Service will be ‘virtual’ this fall, our sponsors will be helping us to provide stationary, stamps, and supplies for students to write their letters and cards to assisted living residents, hospice patients, and elementary school students. 

So far our sponsors have included Rappahannock Development Group, Coleman Motor Company, Inc., White Oak Animal Hospital, Suzy Stone Century 21 Redwood, J. Brian’s Tap Room, Blackhawk Homes, LLC, and Fredericksburg Ballet Centre.

What our volunteers are saying

Get Involved!


Our focus is on JM high school students. If you would like to volunteer with us, email us at TheCLServiceProject@gmail.com.


Sponsorship allows us to provide supplies, refreshments, tee shirts and more for our service projects and volunteers. To become
a sponsor, send us an email at TheCLServiceProject@gmail.com.

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